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Fundraising Credits for Families

The Beaver Dam Family Center is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization which relies on its members to provide to operate efficiently. In order to maintain an enjoyable, smooth working environment, the Association has fundraising credits as part of the fee schedule. 

The current fundraising credit amount is $250 at each team level (Mites, Squirts, Pee Wees, Bantams and Girls). Multiple skaters in one family receive discounts off of fundraising credits. Your total fundraising credits will have been calculated at time of registration, and is part of your overall hockey fee. The skater’s family does not receive this dollar amount; rather each item sold receives a credit towards your balance due on registration fees for fundraising. It is the responsibility of each family to record fundraising credits and ensure that all fund-raising credits have been earned by the end of each season. Any family not meeting fundraising credits by the end of the season will be billed for the amount due.

There are multiple opportunities for families to meet fundraising credits each season, such as selling popcorn, Christmas wreaths, Butter Braids, Skater’s Unlimited Banquet Tickets, Raffle Tickets, and more. For some items, the amount of credit earned is calculated at 50% of the profit on the item. For example, if the profit on a tub of popcorn is $2.00; then your fund-raising credit would be $1.00.  See below for more information on fundraising credit opportunities.

Wreath Sales

It's that time of year again when we are selling Christmas wreaths through Michman Brothers Wreaths.  The order forms are at the rink. All forms are due by Monday, October 28.  There will be a box at the rink labeled wreaths for drop off convenience.  Make one check payable to BDFC and hand in with your order form.  

if you have any questions, contact Jen Hiley at

Family Center Lambeau Field Fundraiser

The Beaver Dam Family Center is again headed to Lambeau Field where we will be working a concession stand. The funds raised will be put towards needed improvements at the Family Center! 

We will need YOUR help!! This fundraiser will require 12 volunteers for each of the home games listed in the flyer below. The pay-off is BIG!! We have raised enough funds over the past couple of years to install new scoreboards and upgraded signage to the building! This year we are setting our sights on earning $20,000!!    

All hard workers that are at least 15 years old are welcome!! You do not need to be a member of the Family Center to participate. You will earn 6 hours of work credits per event worked!! Grab your friends and family and join us! Go to the volunteer link below to sign up now!


Shop SCRIP online at anytime!

SCRIP is an easy way to earn fundraising credits as you do your normal, everyday shopping. SCRIP cards make great gifts for family members and friends.

Sign up online to make it even easier! 

Popcorn sales will are due in November 28th. Order forms are at the rink!

There are different sizes of wreaths and a wide variety of holiday decorations, which make a great holiday gift.  Order forms are at the rink and due Oct. 28th!

SCRIP Fundraising Program

Fulfill your fundraising credits with NO selling by putting your regular shopping dollars to work for us!

How does it work? Scrip participating retailers sell "gift" cards to the Beaver Dam Family Center at a discount. You buy and redeem the cards at full face value. The Family Center keeps the difference as revenue; which counts as your fundraising credit. So, for example, you would earn $10 in fundraising credits on a $100 Scrip card purchase that has a 10% discount/rebate.

Consider a typical household expenditure of $100/week on groceries from Piggly Wiggly and an additional $20/week for gas from Kwik Trip. This same expenditure if purchased during the 20 week period from mid-October through mid-March as a weekly SCRIP might net you $140 in fundraising credit. 

Through the Scrip program, you still spend the same $100/week on groceries and $20/week on gas as normal, but you also meet a significant portion of your fundraising requirement -- all without spending any additional money or selling any products. Now imagine how that $140 in fundraising credit would continue to grow when you use Scrip in other ways, such as: Paying off your Kohls charge card; Going out to dinner at Applebee's, Ponderosa, Pizza Hut, Culver's, or Taco Bell; buying I-Tunes stocking stuffers at Christmas; or Gift cards from any of the participating vendors for the paperboy, babysitter, teacher or that hard-to-shop-for special someone. Scrip can be used for many household purchases including food, clothing, entertainment, gasoline, travel, gardening, home decorating/remodeling projects, pet supplies, school supplies, dining out, and many other items. View the complete listing of participating retailers at the Family Center or at

How do I place an order? - Complete a Scrip form, available in the rack next to the Facility Manager's office. You can also order Scrip online! (Vendor changes occur regularly so be sure to get an updated form each time you place an order at the rink). Full payment is due when the order is placed. Cash or Check payable to BDFC-SCRIP. Orders with payment can be dropped off in the Scrip drop box located on the wall next to the Facility Manager's office.

When will my order be available? We have Scrip cards in stock for over a dozen local retailers. Stop in and pick one up today! If not on hand, Scrip orders are placed each week and typically available for pick-up within a few business days. To place an order or purchase available cards in stock, a team-level Scrip Coordinator will be available most times during many hockey practices, or you can stop by the rink office during business hours. You can also order online at

Can't make it then? Give us a call and we'll try to arrange for an alternate pick-up time. If you have any questions regarding the SCRIP program, please contact Jim Szopinski at 885-9816 or