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Learn to Play Hockey Programs

Hockey 1 & 2

Learn to Play Hockey Program starts with Hockey 1  (Introductory) & Hockey 2 (Intermediate). This is a FREE program that is offered multiple times throughout the year.  February 16th  is off-ice “Parent Orientation” with gear fitting for new skaters; continuing skaters will go on-ice.  All skaters must be registered to be able to participate. 


1) Click on the "Registration" tab in the main menu for full instructions. Or click on the registration link above to go directly to the registration portal.

2) Get a USA Hockey Membership Number (link will take you there during registration process).

3) Create an account on SportEngine and register.

Hockey Developmental Programs

BDHA offers a sequential, skill-building program (Hockey 1-4) designed to teach participants the fundamentals of skating and hockey play. Hockey 1 & 2 is our beginner level program for girls and boys ( ages 3+) who have no, or very little, prior skating experience. Participants will learn how to skate and be introduced to hockey play.  Skilled skating instructors will train participants how to skate in a progressive and sequential manner.  Hockey 3 & 4 is for skaters with more experience and are ready to move to the next level. We recommend all skaters complete Hockey 1 & 2 before advancing to Hockey 3 & 4, Atoms/6U, Mites/8U, or traveling team play. Skaters enrolled in Atoms/6U, Mites/8U, or Squirts/10U level are encouraged and invited to enroll in Hockey 3 & 4.  

While Hockey 1 and 2 will focus on beginner skating skills, Hockey 2 will begin to introduce participants to the fundamentals of hockey play.  A station format will be implemented to enable skaters to learn a multitude of skills and advance at their own pace. Equipment will be provided for beginner level hockey programs with check-out and return required. 

The Hockey 1-4 programs are offered in FREE, 7-week sessions throughout the year.  While the base fee is waived, USA Hockey requires an annual fee of $50 for youth ages 7 and over participating in hockey. For those who sign up for our "Try Hockey for Free" Sessions held in November and February, the USA Hockey fee will be waived for the year (or the remaining sessions in the season).  

Our Girls Developmental Program is a free, introductory program in which participants also learn how to skate and play hockey in a progressive and sequential manner. This program targets girls only, ages 3+. Please see the Girls Developmental page for more information.  Girls can join both Hockey 1-4 and Girls Developmental at the same time.

For more information contact the Coordinator, Jamie Rhodes at:

Hockey 1 & Hockey 2 Players (2016-17)

Hockey 1 & 2 Program 2016-17 Season