Ways to Start Playinng

BDHA offers a solid learn to skate and learn to play program for youth ages 3/4 and up, including:
-Hockey 1 & 2 (ages 3/4 & up)
-Girls Developmental 1 & 2 (ages 3/4 & up)
-Atoms (6 & under)
-Mites (8 & under)

Learn-to-Skate program helps young skaters to become more confident on their skates before introducing a hockey stick and puck to the lessons. The Learn-to-Skate Program at BDHA is Hockey 1 & 2. 

Learn-to-Play program focuses on skating skills, but also teaches the basic skills of stickhandling, shooting and passing.The Learn-to-Play Program at BDHA includes Atoms (6 & under), Mites (8 & under), and Girls Developmental. New skaters are encouraged to enroll in Hockey 1 & 2 along with Atoms, Mites, Girls Developmental.