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2022-2023 Regular Season Registration Link

The Registration "Registration" is not currently available.

2022-2023 Season Registration Fees


Register here for Hockey 1 & 2 and Girls Developmental Programs!

STARTING IN September 2022

  • Hockey 1 & 2 starts September 22nd
  • Girls Developmental (Intro) starts September 30th


BDHA Youth Tournaments

The Registration "Registration" is not currently available.

Registration Process

Additional information regarding fees can be found in the "Parent Portal" section of the website under the "About BDHA" tab, then scroll to "Community" tab.

STEP 1 - Register with USA Hockey

  1. Go to the USA Hockey website and register each player for USA Hockey membership and pay your WAHA dues. You must do this prior to trying to register for BDHA Hockey. Each player and coach age 7 or older will need to pay the USA Hockey/WAHA fees. The USA Hockey fee is waived for players age 6 and younger, but those players still need to register. This first registration is ONLY for USA Hockey membership, not BDHA. You need to complete the 2nd step to register for BDHA.
  • Go to* and click on the “Register Now” link on the top right.
  • You must be 18 years old to process a registration…check the box that acknowledges that YOU (not your child) are 18 or older.
  • Choose member type Ice Player/Coach.
  • Follow the prompts…fill in the data correctly.
  • Process payment – Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express (credit or debit card).
  • Print your confirmation page. It will also be emailed to you immediately after registration is completed. You will need the confirmation number to complete the BDHA registration. 

*Link to USA Hockey Registration

Step 2 - Register with BDHA

  1. After each of your players has a USA Hockey Membership Number, return here to the BDHA Registration Page. 
  • Click on the registration link above, which takes you to the registration website.
  • Click "New User" if this is your first time with BDHA; click “Existing User” if you have been with us before. If you are registering for the first time through Sport Engine, you will need to set up an account.
  • Follow the prompts and fill in the data correctly. You will need each child's USA Hockey Membership Number to complete your registration. Information you entered on the USA Hockey site will transfer to our online forms.
  • Although it's not a required field, we strongly encourage you include the email addresses of both parents if applicable ... these email addresses will be used for important email reminders from the organization and the rink.
  • Process payment via electronic check, Visa, Master Card, or Discover. 
  • You can print your confirmation page. It will also be emailed to you immediately after registration is completed.