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Welcome Families! This page we will hope to provide you with links and information that you may need throughout the season. If you have any questions, please reach out the BDHA Board. Their contacts are found under the "About" section on the website.

Volunteer Credits

The amount of volunteer credits is determined by the age level of your skater and how many skaters your family has in the association. Your total credits will have been calculated at time of registration. There are many opportunities for parents to fulfill their volunteer credits. It is the responsibility of each family to ensure that by the end of each season, all volunteer credits have been earned. All volunteer credits will be tracked on the website. You will receive a bill for $5 per unworked credits at the end of the year if you have not completed all of your volunteer credits. Volunteer credits for the 2023-24 season are as follows: 

  • Mites and 8U girls (28 credits)
  • 10U girls and Squirts $155 (31 credits)
  • Pee Wee and 12U girls: $170 (34 credits)
  • Bantam and 14U girls: $200 (40 credits)
  • Families that have multiple skaters (2 or more) receive a discount on work credits 


The fundraising credit amount for the 2023-24 season is $250 at each 8U-14U team level (Mite, Girls, Pee Wee, and Bantams). Multiple skaters in one family receive discounts off of fundraising credits.  In addition, each family on the 8U-14U levels are encouraged to sell at least 5 calendar raffle tickets annually. 

Your total fundraising credits will have been calculated at time of registration and is part of your overall hockey fee. The skater’s family does not receive this dollar amount; rather each item sold receives a credit towards your balance due on registration fees for fundraising. It is the responsibility of each family to ensure that all fund-raising credits have been earned by the end of each season. It is also the responsibility of each family to record all fundraising credits as the year progresses. Any family not meeting fundraising credits by the end of the season will be billed in March each year the amount due. 

There are multiple opportunities for families to meet fundraising credits each season, such as selling popcorn, Christmas wreaths, Skater’s Unlimited Banquet Tickets, and more. For some items, the amount of credit earned is calculated at 50% of the profit on the item. For example, if the profit on a tub of popcorn is $2.00; then your fund-raising credit would be $1.00.  Two very beneficial fundraisers for the Association and families are the Scrip Program and Skater’s Unlimited Banquet Tickets

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